The best cafe for
Start-ups in Pune

Sector 7 is also home to a chic & urban Grind Cafe, which is open to the public and serves exceptional and affordable cafe cuisine, plethora of beverages & milkshakes to choose from and an amphitheater to watch your favourite sporting action

If you’re looking to stumble upon interesting people from different sectors of business, both startups and enterprises, this is exactly where you have to walk in. Grind Cafe is often flocked by employees from large multinationals like LinkedIn & Google, to media houses like BigFM as well as startups from across different sectors. If you are in search of your next content inspiration or looking to immerse yourself in a chic and collaborative environment to work or just catching up with an old friend, walk right in and you’d be taken aback with the energy of this place.

Grind Cafe is popularly known for video and photo shoot due to its minimal aesthetics, viewing matches, hosting team outings and for that quiet corner to sit and get work done