The Sector 7 Experience

We do our own things and it seems to resonate and attract a very diverse and passionate following. We assist you with all the things you would possibly require. From business facilities, to a community app, to enthusiastic team support, events and of course- an inhouse cafe. Working alongside inspired and great minds is just an added bonus

Our core offerings


Business Facilities

Whatever your plans are, we’re here to help them come to life We’ve taken care of everything, even the smallest of stuff, so you can run your venture seamlessly to great heights


Community App

The Sector 7 community and assistance, at your fingertips. RSVP events, book conference & meeting rooms, make payments, all a single tap away.


Team Support

We’re all in it to win it. Our business experts and industry mentors are here to guide you at every step- idea to execution. Legal, Financial, Company Secretary, Technology development- all in house We offer a line of credit and you even have the chance to get funded by Sector 7’s Incubation venture



Whether you’re hosting a screening or launching a brand, we’re passionate about helping you bring your next event to life. We execute the right mix of networking event ideas that will lay the foundation for a meaningful co-working community. Sector 7 is perfect for hosting small intimate events and experiences. It’s your stage. It’s your show. And it all revolves around YOU.


In- House Cafe

Bean bags
Private cabins
Break zone
Beautiful spacious work area
We really do have it all. Our in-house cafe, Grind, serves mouth watering food, coffee & beverages at subsidised prices for Sector 7 community members.



We've pieced this place together by handpicking everything. The lights, the furniture, the decor, the people who join us- they all blend perfectly to spell out S7 Collaborative Spaces.


Values & Mantras

Our members are not only privy to an intuitively designed work space but also our beliefs and mantras that translate into our collaborative space

Well Being

It’s a way of life. In order to be able to bring your A game to the table, you need to be fit, both mentally and physically. We ensure we facilitate this by providing you with all that you would need to boost your performance and stay healthy

Grow Together

We don’t believe in rising to the top alone. We have built and sustained a collaborative hub which includes everyone by encouraging wellbeing and expanding opportunities to all

Culture and Community

The community at Sector 7 is a healthy mix of non-competing businesses that come together to help each other through their achievements and challenges. It’s a breeding ground for networking of like minded, yet differently wired individuals and organisations.

The Humane Environment

Some fascinating studies show how easy it is to create an environment where people don’t respect each other. We cannot stand to function like this. We have created an environment in which the community feel trusted.

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