Ready for adventure ?

We at Sector 7 started the journey of reimagining collaborative experiences, with our workspaces venture in 2017.

We are all
about that

“Our journey so far has been humbly satisfying with startups & entrepreneurs growing within the Sector 7 ecosystem. We are about that experience that goes beyond constricted cubicles and furniture. We are about that tiny detail and that large opportunity, that gets you talking to people”

Sector 7 in Mumbai is positioned to be a startup studio. A blend of experiences for everyone. Right from a single entrepreneur to a vibrant team. Here are 2 of our solutions for you to choose from”

This is for those of you who care about an experience that’s personalised to match the mindset and culture of your team. This area within our workspace, would have design that inspires your vision and infrastructure that’s tailored to suit your growth plan for your next big leap. Your office with Sector 7 will be the physical manifestation and best tangible representation of the underlying philosophy of the company.

For some businesses that are hustling day in and day out, what matters most is an environment that inspires learning and collaboration. Your team's care more about the daily grind and meaningful connections. We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for, right here.

P.S If you believe that you do resonate with a workplace experience that’s built around collaboration within and outside your team, let’s take this journey together?