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Who is your Shark?

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But due to overfishing the waters close to the Japan do not hold much fish. So to catch fish the fishermen had to venture deep into the waters with huge ships. The farther the fishermen went longer it took to bring the fish back to the shore. If they took too long to return the people didn’t like the taste of the fish. They said it tasted stale.

So to tackle this problem the Japanese built huge freezers on the ocean liners. This allowed them to venture deep into the ocean and catch more fish. But this too didn’t work as the Japanese could tell the difference between frozen fish and fresh fish.

This time, the fishermen built a tank on the ship which carried the fish. The fishes were stuffed into this tank. After a while, the fish would stop moving and would stay still till they reached the shore. The fish were alive but they were dull. Even this didn’t work as the people could tell the difference.

“So now to remove the dullness from the fish, the fisherman put a shark in their tank. Though the shark ate a few fishes but at the end of the journey, the fishes were fresh. The original taste of fresh fish was back and the Japanese loved it.”

So do you think you are a dull fish in the pond? Do you think there is a shark out there that you have to fight but you are avoiding it? Find the courage to keep your shark close to you. Challenge yourself.

Be active. Be persistent. Enjoy every challenge thrown to you and don’t avoid the shark. Sometimes sharks are all we need to get us back up.


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